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VPN Google is a list of new Chrome Extensions that enables VPN in the browser [2018]

Below is the list of best VPN google that is available in 2018.  Please check out the given article to…

Below is the list of best VPN google that is available in 2018.  Please check out the given article to know more about VPN and how to use them.  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.   It is a method of creating a virtual network for your computer to connect to the desired server virtually.  It will prevent the ISPs form tracking your activity.  Using VPNs were not easy in the early days.

Now with Google Chrome, you can use the following VPN extensions to start using the VPN service with just one click.  please check out the list below.

1. Setup VPN:

vpn google
VPN google

Setup VPN is one of the best VPN services that are available in Chrome.  Setup VPN is constantly updating their service to meet the requirements of customers all around the world.  Check out the features given below to know more about the Setup VPN.

  • Native Encryption – All the communication is SSL encrypted.
  • Premium Support – The users will get an account manager specifically assigned to you.
  • WiFi protection – The VPN encrypts the data sent through even public WiFi.
  • Multiple Locations – More than 100 locations around the world
  • Best Speed Guarantee – Depending on the user location, the VPN service automatically adjusts the speed.
  • No Configuration –  Install the add on and start using the VPN no setup required.


2. Dot VPN:

vpn google
VPN google

It is one-click VPN app that provides the users with a VPN tunnel and also encrypts the connection anywhere in the world. Please check out Dot VPN features to know more.

  • More than 700 servers around the world.  One of the highest server count for a VPN.
  • Access any content using region switching feature.
  • With more than 700 servers around the world, connect to the fastest server any time.
  • Get unlimited bandwidth with even the free plan.  You can browse as much as you want.
  • 4096-bit key encryption for better security.

3. Express VPN:

vpn google
VPN google

It is a high speed, very secure, and user-friendly VPN.  This VPN service is available in 94 countries making it one of the global VPN Service.  Below are the features of this VPN service.

  • 2000+ VPN servers around the globe.
  • Available on most major platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android etc.
  • No restrictions for any content on the web.
  • Offshore privacy protection.
  • Highly appreciated customer service.

4. Tunnel Bear:

vpn google
VPN google

Tunnel Bear is well known for its fast VPN internet service.  Read on to know more about Tunnel Bear.

  • Privacy – Blocks all the traffic when the connection gets disrupted.  The connection reconnects upon restart.  Does not login any customer information.
  • Performance – Browse in lightning fast speeds even in public wifi.  Has the fastest servers in 20+ countries.
  • Encryption – Provides AES 256bit connection.  Ghost Bear service allows you to defeat VPN blocking and protects your data from Government, businesses and even ISPs
  • The sophisticated network of 20 countries.

5. Hotspot Sheild:

vpn google
VPN google

More than 600 million users around the world use Hotspot Sheild.

  • Allows access to free and secure open internet.
  • Highly secure VPN service.
  • Allows access to restricted content anywhere on the Globe.
  • High-speed VPN service allows streaming restricted content easily.

6. BetternetVPN:

vpn google
VPN google

Last but not the least on our list is Betternet VPN.  It provides online security and privacy for all major platform.  Check out the following features of Betternet VPN.

  • Betterment helps the users access blocked websites by bypassing any firewall.
  • It hides the IP address, reallocation, and provides anonymity.
  • Betterment lets the users access different music and movie channels everywhere.
  • Does not save user data as it does not have any registration.


The above is the list of VPN extensions for google chrome.  Most of them offer free service.  Using VPN the users can hide their online tracks from social media, Search Engines, and even ISPs.  VPNs are highly recommended in public WiFi as they tend to be very insecure.  The above-mentioned plugins are easy to install in the chrome browser and easy to use.  Hopefully, the above list was useful for you.  For more such information stay tuned to My Pc Updates.

vpn google
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This is one of the best articles out there that clearly explains the VPN extensions that are needed for Chrome Browsers. Using VPNs we are able to prevent Search Engines, Social Media sites, Internet Service Providers from tracking us. Also check out OpenVPN Chromebook

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