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VPN for Chromebook using Using Best VPN for Chromebook in 2018 [2018]{Latest}

In this post, we will see how to use VPN on a Chromebook.   We will check out some of the…

In this post, we will see how to use VPN on a Chromebook.   We will check out some of the best VPN for Chromebook.  And finally, we will see how to use the VPN service that does not have an app in the Chrome Web Store.

Best VPN for Chromebook:

1. Astrill VPN:

vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook

Astrill VPN is one of the best VPN service in the world.  They might not have a dedicated Chromebook Store app but they do have clear instructions on how to use Astrill VPN in a Chromebook.  Before We see how to install Astrill VPN in Chromebook lets look at some of the features offered by that service:


  • Keeps your IP address in complete secreacy.  You can surf web in unonymosuly.
  • Uses SSL Encryption and protects the you from hackers and spies.  The SSL runs seamlessly in the background.
  • Access any websites without any restrictions.
  • You can have online experience without any limits.

2. CyberGhost VPN:

vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook

CyberGhost is a Complete VPN Solution.  With this, the users can enjoy Open Internet rights.  The following are the features of CyberGhost VPN:


  • Your IP will be replaced with one of the IPs in CyberGhost’s IP making it impossible for your ISPs to track you.
  • Provides access even Geo restricted content by mapping to the respective IP.
  • Makes Online Transactions secure even on a Public WiFi – This is a great feature.
  • CyberGhost has a database which contains a list of malicious Websites.  When someone tries to redirect you to a malicious website, CyberGhost can block you.
  • Online Activity is encrypted using 256-AES bit technology.
  • It protects up to 7 of your devices and you can also protect your Chromebooks using this.

3. Express VPN:



vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook

Express VPN is 2000+ global VPN Servers optimised for fast connections.  Check out the following features of Express VPN before learning how to install Express VPN in Chromebook.


  • You can choose from Various Servers after conducting  a Ping Test.
  • Global network for fast connections.
  • Available on various platforms such as Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Chromebook.
  • Ability to access any content from anywhere without any restrictions.
  • Based on British Virgin Islands, this place has no data retention laws, no activity logs, so you will get fill access to all the contents on the internet.
  • 256 AES Protection,  IPv6 DNS Leak protection.  This VPN is very Secure.
  • Express VPN also provides, money back gaurantee

Express VPN for Chromebooks:

Use the following instructions to install Express VPN for Chromebooks.  Please make sure that your chromebook can download and install android apps before proceeding with the following instructions.  If your Chromebook does not support android apps, please check out the instructions given later in this post.

  • Go to Play store and search for Express VPN
  • Click and expand Express VPN and click on Install.
  • Accept permissions and install the app.
  • Sign in to The Express VPN App
  • Click Ok on the configure your VPN page.
  • Click on the On button to turn on the VPN

4. IPVanish VPN:

vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook

IPVanish VPN has consistently provided quality service globally.  Its quality of service is hard to beat.  Please check out the features provided by IPVanish.  To install IPVanish in your Chromebook Please Follow the instructions given at the end of the articles.


  • IPVanish does not keeps logs of the browsing of its users.
  • Keep your data secure even on a free and open WiFi
  • Helps the users Get around Censorship.
  • Use Friendly Applicatios on almost all platforms including Chromebooks
  • 256bit AES Encryption.



5. Private Internet Access VPN:

vpn for chromebook

This VPN service encrypts your connnection and protects you from hacker and spying softwares.


  • It has Dedicated VPN Servers
  • It does not save Traffic or Request Logs
  • It is USA based Organization.
  • It has high Quality and is highy Reliable.
  • DD-WRT VPN Compatible.
  • SOCKS5 Proxy included.
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and IPSEC/L2TP

Install Private Internet Acess VPN in Chromebooks:

Intalling Private Internet Access VPN requires you to put your Chromebook in Developer Mode.

  • Open Chrome OS Settings
  • Click on App Settings
  • Check the Enable Android Apps to Run on your Chromebook.
  • Now launch the Security Option.
  • Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Now donwload and install the apk to install the VPN

6. Strong VPN:

vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook


  • Apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chromebook and more.
  • more than 650 servers in 26 countries and 46 cities.
  • Connect up 5 devices simultaneously.
  • L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec and IKEv2 protocols.
  • Security on Public WiFi network.

7. WiTopia VPN:

vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook
  • Secure and private Internet Access
  • You can access content that are Geo Restricted
  • It provides end to end encrypted email
  • You can encrypt Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail etc.
  • It also encrypts Email Attachments

8.Vypr VPN:

vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook
  • They operate without third parties, so there is no chance of information loss.
  • Vypr VPN is secure VPN that allows us to bypass restrictions on content and access in secure manner.
  • It lets protection of devices of all major platform.   It protects Android, iOS and Chromebooks.

9. Nord VPN:

vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook
  • With Nord VPN, the users can encrypt online activity and keep it safe from hackers.
  • You will get global Connectivity along with high performance speed and secure access.
  • Get access to your favorite website and entertainment content without any censorship or bandwidth restriction.
  • Get protection for almost 6 devices including Chromebooks

10. Pure VPN:

vpn for chromebook
  • Offers simultaneous logins up to 5 memebers using just one acccount.
  • It keeps your IP, data protected.
  • It keeps Social Media, Search Engines and Internet Service Providers from tracking you.
  • It gives secure remote access to remote access and global connectivity.

Now, we have see some of the best VPN services for Chromebook in 2018.  Lets also see how to install the VPN in chromebooks that does not offer native support.  Please follow the given instructions to install VPN in Chromebook.

How to install VPN in Chromebook:

  • Right click on the timebar and click on Settings.
vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook
  • Now click on Add Connections and click on Add Private Network.
vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook
  • Add Private Network windows will appear, enter the following lines of code in the window.

Server hostname: One of the L2TP/IPSec server address

Service name: Anything you want

Provider type: L2TP/IPsec + pre-shared key

Pre-shared key: way2stars

Username: Your Astrill VPN account email address

Password: Your Astrill account password

  • Check the Save identity and password.
  • Now click connect.
vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook

Now you can select the newly created connection to get the status.  You can also Disconnect from here.

vpn for chromebook
vpn for chromebook
  • You can see your connection status in Network options window as well.


Here we saw some of the best VPN for Chromebooks.  Some VPNs do not have native support in Chromebooks so we have provided an alternate method to install those VPNs in Chromebooks too.  Please stay tuned to My Pc Updates to know more about Chromebooks and VPNs and VPN for Chromebook.

VPN for Chromebook
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